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I'm not gonna bore you with another story about my so awesome life. No I just need your attention for a minute. As you may know, I read loads of fashionblogs (you probably do too). None of these blogs ever mentioned H&M's little sister "& Other Stories''. I feel like it's so underrated! This is a brand a bit like H&M's Cos, beautiful pieces, great fabrics and prints, well cut but less basic than Cos. So don't miss out and go visit: www.stories.com !
Check out my personal favorits below.


it's not you, it's us !

In between my last Halloween post and this one, I did many things. I had 9 exams, failed 2, (woops), I went to the 'Boosty' 7 times to get lunch with my friends, performed 3 times, expand my 'cravings' favoriteslist with 100 new URL's, went to 1 party, but not once I thought about doing something for this blog. Sorryyyy.
So here's a short summary of my last week. What was going to be the highlight of my week turned in a complete disaster. Unlike other bloggers, I wasn't invited to the 'pre-shopping' events for the Isabel Marant x H&M collection. I was planning on waiting in front of the H&M store here in The Hague this thursday morning, but it was raining so we decided (Hanna & I) that it would be easier if we just ordered stuff online in our first lunchbreak on 10 o'clock. Haha.
That wasn't a good idea: H&M.com ruined my lunchbreak by constantly saying 'It's not you, it's us!' --> technical problems
I didn't even get time to eat my lunch, so i was extra annoyed.
In my last period, during French class, I managed to order something though, which i think is a very 'Isabel' piece of the collection.
Did you get your hands on a piece of the Isabel Marant x H&M collection?




Its the 31th of october which means that its allowed to show people your innerself en make them so scared they pee there pants, and give you candy afterwards...

I celebrated Halloween last saturday by going to a party named: Une Nuit dans le pip mystique. I had a blast. EVERYBODY LOOKED SCARY AS HELL. And we partyed on till the early hours.

As you can see, I was a wacko geisha, with blood and everything. Kinda freaky.
Did you or are you gonna celebrate Halloween? If so, what was your costume?




Let me introduce you to my sweet doggie Charlie, you already saw her on the blog earlier this year but now she became slightly bigger, even sweeter and a better model. I thrifted the jacket and the top i´m wearing. They were like 2 euros. Love it when that happens.

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